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Monday, May 04, 2015
Mumbai Press Club's Red Ink Awards: short-listed and winning stories 

Not endorsed by or asked for by the Mumbai Press Club. This is just me and Google doing our thing. List reproduced from a Mumbai Press Club document I had access to because I was helping them out with live-Tweeting the event. The short-lists were displayed to the audience t at the event, so no secrets are being leaked.

P.S. No links for some print stories because I couldn't find them. And none to the TV stories because, ditto, I gave up after the first few. (Comment, tweet, or text me if you have them?)


Print Shortlist

Rigged, Krishn Kaushik, The Caravan Magazine

Why The Jackfruit tree had Everything & Nothing to do with the CEO'S AS Murder, Anuradha Sharma, Yahoo Originals

Inside the network 18 takeover, Ashish K Mishra, Mint

Infy after Murthy, Goutam Das, Business Today


A Shah Overthrown, Dinesh Narayanan, The Caravan Magazine

Television Shortlist

MQ2- Ground Report : Jan Dhan Yojna, Lakshman Roy, CNBC awaaz

Chinese bullet train, Dibang, ABP News

Shah Commission Report on Illegal Mining - Operation Loot , Santosh Kumar & Deepak Upadhaya, Zee Business


China ke achche din kaise aaye, Dibang, ABP News


Print Shortlist

Why the Andaman Islands are headed for disaster, Madhusree Mukerjee, Grist Media & Yahoo Originals

Beware you could be next inmate at Beggars home (Series), Vinod Kumar Menon, Mid Day

Buddha's Orphan, Sohini Chattopadhay, Open Magazine

Budaun won PM award, Pritha Chatterjee, The Indian Express


Blood in the water, Salil Tripathi, The Caravan Magazine

Television Shortlist

Children of war, Jugal Purohit, TV Today Network


Koi Laut De Mere - Syed Wasif Haider - Series, ShaTahir Khan, Aaj Tak


Print Shortlist

Irregularities in cement nala bandh construction series, Tushar Kharat / Govind Tope, Sakaal Media Group

In the Mahatama's Footsteps, Niranjan Takle, The Week


RSS 3.0 - Mohan Bhagwat a resurgent Sangh to the cusp of political power, Dinesh Narayanan, The Caravan Magazine

Television Shortlist

Gujarat Loksabha Election - series, Alka Dupkar, IBN Lokmat


Kashmir Ki Kashmakash, Jitendra Dixit, ABP News


Print Shortlist

Western Ghats Series, Anahita Mukherjee, Times Of India

Far Valley, Anosh Malekar, Caravan

The Oppressed Ark, Allia Allana, Fountain Ink

Battle Over oil, coal &; forest, Kumar Sambhav Shrivastava, Down to Earth


Danger Factories Ahead / Mumbai's Ticking Bombs, Sharad Vyas, Mid Day

Television Shortlist

Marathawada Ki Haqeekat, Umesh Kumavat, ABP News

Save Aravali or Delhi will become a desert, Rajat Singh, Aaj Tak


Print Shortlist

Haryana IAS officer daughters national champ in Absentia, Saurabh Duggal, Hindustan Times

How Germany pulled off its football renaissance, Sopan Joshi, Grist Media and Yahoo Originals

The Wind in his willow, Devendra Pandey, Indian Express

Gopichand Factory, Lhendup G Bhutia, Open Magazine


Beyond the Boundary, Rahul Bhatia, The Caravan

Television Shortlist

Arjun Award story for Manoj Kumar, Rakesh Saran, Zee Media

Little Wonder, Subodh M Mayure, Jai Maharashtra


Story of Rajkumar Tiwari India's First Gold Medal Winner, Suprita Das, NDTV


Print Shortlist

The Poisoned Land, Narendra Bisht, Outlook Magazine (Not sure if I have the right link)


Indian Museum ship Vikrant, Hemant Padalkar, DNA Newspaper


Where would you go if you were dying?, Hari Adivarekar, Yahoo Originals


Print Shortlist

The Revivalist, Thanuleho Hakokip, The Caravan Magazine

The Orewellian State, Shreevastva Nevatia, Blink

The Pleasures and Horrors of the digital afterlife, Lhendup Gyatso Bhutia, Open Magazine

Reeling in th Raj, Thanuleho Hakokip, The Caravan Magazine


The colourful and disturbing world of Guddu Rangila , Tanul Thakur, The Big Indian Picture

Television Shortlist

Love story season - Jiah Khan, Yaseer Usman, ABP News

Interview Vishal Bhardwaj, Pragya Tiwari, The BiG iNdian Picture


Art Talk : Pandit Jasraj, Jujhar Singh, News X


Print Shortlist

Maha FD A writer to NPPA, Shardul Nautiyal, Chronicle Pharamabiz

The Neglected version Of Drowning, GBSNP Varma, Fountain Ink Magazine

Carcinogenic banned chemical used to ripen mangoes APMC market vashi, Vinod Kumar Menon , Mid-Day


Life after liver transplantation, Johnson Poovanthuruth, Deepika

Smokescreen, Nikita Saxena, The Caravan


Print Shortlist

Hell on the high seas, Madhavankutty Pillai, Open Magazine

Andheri Man's Daring Escape From Human Slavery Mafia In Malaysia, Bhupen Patel, Mid Day


The Believer, Leena Reghunath, The Caravan Magazine

Dangerous new drug hits Mumbai market worst it is not covered under NDPS Act unless exposed by Midday (series), Vinod Kumar Menon, Mid Day Infomedia Ltd

Television Shortlist

Moin Qureshi - Operation Hawala, Tarun Nangia / Dipu Rai, Zee Business

Phoolan Devi Murder, Vikas Mishra, ABP News


The Mirror Man, Srinath Perur, Mosaic

Snow Business, Peter Griffin, Forbes India

Why is Hari Chasing a lizard in the Andaman's, Deepika Sarma, Yahoo Originals

Game changer Lifesaver, Mini P Thomas, The Week Magazine


How a wasp won the great papaya war, Shamsheer Yousaf, Fountain Ink Magazine


Truth vs Hype, Sreenivasan Jain, NDTV


Arnab Goswami, Times Now


Prannoy Roy, NDTV

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