Thursday 25 January 2024

Poetry in Parks

A few of us in New Bombay who love poetry and the profusion of parks we are blessed with have decided we will combine the two.

We meet once in four weeks on a Saturday, in the early evening, in a public park (different park each time), and read each other poetry we love and discuss the poems and why we love them. Some of us write too; but we do not read our own work.

You can find out about future meetings and keep in touch via our Instagram page, where we also share recordings of our past meetings. You can also hear the recordings on our YouTube channel. If you want to join in, you can get a calendar invitation and location pins for upcoming meets by emailing at gmail.

To participate bring at least three poems (not your own) to read to us and tell us why you loved each poem. Poems can be in any language, but with poems not in English please also bring a rough translation or summary in English. We record video and take photographs, but it is perfectly fine if you don’t want to be recorded or photographed.

We will probably sit on the grass, so you may want to choose clothes compatible with that or carry a handkerchief, piece of cloth, newspaper or something you can sit on. (But we will definitely sit near a park bench so that folk who can’t sit on the ground have a choice. Also, we’ll go to a park that is wheelchair-accessible.) You may want to bring a mosquito repellent.