Friday 29 May 2009

Parrots, the Universe and Everything

Almost 90 minutes. One man on stage. No props. No fancy slideshow or snazzy film. No music. Just talking to the audience, and a bit of reading from one of his books. Can't think of very many people who could pull that off.

The talk is about his travels while writing Last Chance to See, which he expresses great affection for. "The runt of the litter," he calls it.

Saturday 16 May 2009

Mr Singh, you're quite a charmer
Looks like India has good karma*
This is better than Obama
What say?

* You have to say 'karma' with an American accent
Can't thank all you voters enough
You did your job, you got the stuff
You've shown em who is really tough
Yay you!
Coffee's drunk, and I've cleared my head
To office now, the old tin shed
The magazine's almost in bed
What joy!
At last the elections are done
*sigh* Now what will we do for fun
Since IPL games we do shun?
Yay books!
What shall we write poems about?
Is there anything worth a shout?
Ah yes, the defeat of the louts!
Yay voters!

Sunday 10 May 2009

Witty friends and conversation:
Cabbages, kings, and inflation
The better writers in the nation
Like that
Dinner after the launch was had
Though the muzak was rather sad
The food and booze were not half-bad
Got my copy signed, bought lots more
Enough to read for weeks and more
But me bank balance is sure
Amit read, with much impact
A well-chosen short extract
In which the protagonist climaxed
I swear
Saturday, the evening we took
Ourselves to Juhu for a look
At the Varma launching his book
Nice day!
Friday was one long meeting
Free moments few, very fleeting
Our Scrabble time took a beating
Thursday noon, and back in action
Attempting to give satisfaction
Admittedly with little traction
Ah well
Must have been something we ate
First the tum bug cleaned our slate
Then Fever, chills; one stayed prostrate
Ah, fate!
Honesty compels us to say
We were only ill from Tuesday
Running (literally) through Thursday
No nonsense poems for one week
Spirit willing but body was weak
Coz we were ill, but now we're theek
We're back

Sunday 3 May 2009

Been topping up on sleep today
Woke late, breakfasted, and then, hey,
I found some more sleep debt to pay

Saturday 2 May 2009

When your whole body genuflects
to medication's side effects
[This doesn't rhyme - delete this text]
Being ill on a long weekend
Not much fun, I tell you, my friend
But *sigh* at least there's time to mend