Tuesday 27 May 2008

Thank you..

Thank you for the prayers, the wishes, the good vibrations, the healing energies, the concern and warmth that so many people sent my way.

Thank you also for all the phone calls, SMSes, PMs, and emails that friends received on my behalf, and which I hope to reply to personally soon.

There's a lot else I have to be thankful for. And believe you me, I know that I am a very, very lucky chap in very, very many ways.

I'll come back to tell you about that soon, I hope. First, I must concentrate on making sure all those good wishes don't come to naught. By getting better, stronger, fitter, maybe, if the stars are right, just a leetle bit more sensible.

Don't hold your breath about the last bit.


Monday 19 May 2008

Zig's not well


This is Annie guest-posting here, under very difficult circumstances.

Zigzackly had a serious heart attack about 3 days ago. He was in the ICU, being monitored for 72 hours, and has now been moved to a regular room. He'll probably have to undergo an angioplasty soon.

Friends who are in Bombay with him have sent messages saying that he now seems relaxed and chatty, albeit pretty weak, and cribbing much about hospital food.

I do not have many details since I'm in Delhi, but those who wish to could write to me: zaidiannie at gmail dot com: and I will send updates as I get them.