Sunday 18 February 2007

Bhote phor!

Finally, here's something you can vote for us at. Not the Indibloggies (we were so tied up that we didn't know it was on until it was too late to fire up a proxy thingy and go nominate ourselves for everything under the sun). Not even the Floggies, where we note, with some relief, that we're too obscure to make the grade. But at the Global Voices Valentine's Day Poetry Contest, where we're up with two whole chances at the People's Choice Award.

On the ballot, this one is #20, and this one is #25.

You can stuff the ballot boxes, thereby permanently damaging Georgia's touching faith in the GV readership here.

And, sigh, if you want to get back at me for the verdicts here, you can go read all the other entries here.

Update (27th Feb): We didn't win. But we won the Neha award. And since she won, we can preen a bit. Neha also points to the results. Where, as she says, Nicholas Laughlin "spent time reading every poem, and has found something to love about each of them."

Random thought. Neha, why don't you start your own awards? We could call them the NVs. *grin*

Thursday 15 February 2007

Back. Sort of.

Our January 1st post was supposed to be this very-obscure-yet-witty comment on New Year's Resolutions. To be followed by a post on the 2nd that would complete the, erm, joke.

But life got in the way.

First, things to do with ICCUs and sleeping on hospital waiting area floors happened. (Things aren't back to normal, but better now, thanks.)

Then, when things started to improve, what time we had to spare was full of getting this ready for this.

Somewhere along the way, Blogger decided we must upgrade to the new Blogger, and then sort of hung about giving us an in-progress message for about a week. Then our blogs all came back, without being upgraded. Then they disappeared again. Now they're back, but we can't access some of them. We will figure this out one day.

And then we got involved with the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, running and helping judge a bunch of contests, besides being part of two events at the Literature section. Thanks to the contests and the home/hospital/work juggling, we missed most of the festival, but thanks to some sterling work on the blog, we got to experience some of it vicariously. The irony.

Now, we're attempting to get our life back on some sort of even keel, so we're unlikely to be posting much. So this is just to tell you we're around. And will be back.

Wednesday 14 February 2007

How do I blog thee? Let me count the ways..

My blog you are a wondrous thing!
To you this poem I write and sing.
You’re always there (except for when
My ISP baulks and even then
I know you’re there, waiting for me,
Saying “new post” seductively.)
(And also except for when Blogger
Is down (that can be a bugger).)

Next, “regional flavour” I must inject.
As per what Georgiaji expects.
But fourteen lines is all we got
So skip that and shove in this thought:
“Oh how I love thee, bloggy mine,
My one true love, my Valentine.”

Pliss to go see the Global Voices Valentine's Day Poetry Contest.

We lost count of the ways

One more for the GV VDC. Deeeyam. It's fun to take part in a contest for a change.

Global Voices, Global Voices,
You who gives us so many choices,
We thought you wouldn't be averse
To being the subject of a verse.

So here we are, with our doggerel
(It's past deadline here, but wotthehell,
Time zones work in our favour!
How's that for Regional Flavour?)

So Global, Global, Voices, Voices,
At your presence we rejoices.
So many voices you give us globally,
We read until our eyes go wobbly.

We wonders Gee Vee, really we do,
Would we win if we suck up to you?
At the least, would we get loads more traffic
Aside from the ones in search of the pronographic?

Oh Voices, Voices, Global, Global,
we love your mission, it's so noble.
Unconditionally we would give you our heart, but
Last year, this time, you kicked our butt.