Thursday 24 April 2008


Built into the knees are a pair of crotch rocking speakers, around the back you have the added convenience of a back pocket for your “mouse”,
And, ahem,
for you gamers, there is a joystick controller located just behind the front zipper.

Join in the chorus

[Courtesy Ashwan]

Thursday 17 April 2008

Bisy Backsun

We'll be at Manipal this weekend, a guest of the Manipal Institute of Communications, basking in the reflected glow from a bunch of luminaries. We're not exactly sure what we're speaking about, but we will, hopefully, find out before the convention.

Wednesday 16 April 2008

Name this?

In various parts of India, this is called a pakkad, a sanasi / saansi, patkaru, and heaven knows what else. Question is, is there an English word for them things? No, not tongs. Pan-grip is one option, but the ones we've seen are hugely over-engineered in comparison.

(Oh. And the caption to the first picture, on the site from where we lifted the image, says that these are, from left to right (we assume), the Plain, Goti and Disco models.)



From a New York Times piece on 'Googlegängers':
Maureen Johnson, a writer of young adult fiction in New York, acknowledges on her Web site several Googlegängers, including a self-taught marine biologist known to some as “the Crab Lady of Cape Cod.” But for a while Ms. Johnson was “very annoyed” that another Googlegänger, a real estate agent, owned the domain name MaureenJohnson. Now, however, she’s just exasperated by the stream of “Rentheads” who send e-mail messages asking if she has anything to do with Maureen Johnson, the provocative performance artist character in the musical “Rent.” Children wonder if in fact she is the “Rent” character.
Which, perhaps, is why we still haven't watched any Family Guy.

Oh, and while on the subject, see Dave Gorman's piece on his Are You Dave Gorman>

Tuesday 15 April 2008

Wednesday 2 April 2008

The winner!

Better than the Virgil or Custom Time gags, we thought. What say ye?

p.s. More links here.