Tuesday 27 January 2009

The appeal the BBC refused to broadcast

The Disasters Emergency Committee's appeal for Gaza. Please circulate as widely as possible We grieve with our Palestinian friends, and thank our Jewish friends, both inside and outside Israel, who have supported this call for aid. May good hearts on both sides prevail and come together to end sixty years of injustice, cruelty and hatred.

Via Indra Sinha

Friday 23 January 2009

TTMMG :) - 8

Bitter chocolate. Mm. One is dissolving in our mouth as we type.

TTMMG :) - 7

Sunsets. That does it every time.

TTMMG :) - 6

We have naturally curly hair. :D

TTMMG :) - 5

And speaking of friends, they make us smile too. We are, as we never tire of saying, extremely fortunate in our friends. Any time, night or day, there are people we can talk too, text, chat with online, be with. Any time, night or day, there are people who will rally around and scrape us off the ground. That they choose to do this turns that smile into, well, we're not gonna get all sniffly here. We're lucky, is all we're saying.

TTMMG :) - 4

Hearing about old friends getting married. To each other. Whoda thunk? Good luck, Y & M!

TTMMG :) - 3

Enough work to keep the mind growing, but not too much to prevent a little stop-and-stare time.

TTMMG :) - 2

A good cup of coffee, and a thick-cut slices of multi-grain bread, with a little fruit preserve.

Thursday 8 January 2009

Things that make me go :)

Having people who actually choose to read this space.

(This the first of an occasional series. A sort of counting of blessings. I'm going to try and find something to smile about every day.)

Forensic Journalism

Closely related to investigative journalism, but happens only after the event. When there is, unquestionably, a body, so to speak.


All the surface characteristics of a real Udipi restaurant, but it isn't really.

Tell-tale signs: chillies in everything; they serve pau bhaji; they serve a paper masala dosa without blushing.