Sunday, 4 January 2004

Net + Work? Whatever will they come up with next?

Networking sites have suddenly been getting really hot.
Recently registered on Ryze Business Networking and was frankly floored by the number of people already on it that i knew directly. And was truly amazed when i started exploring the Friends Of Friends function. From a base of less than fifty direct contacts (all but four or five of whom i have met in meatspace), my Friends of Friends list now numbers 1309, with more coming in every day. But this blogger must also confess to being kinda distracted with the social bit, and to not having cracked, or even tried to crack, a single big biz deal on Ryze so far.
There's also Friendster, which is focussed more on the personal relationships angle. Will check that out shortly. Watch this space. In case you decide to take a look before we do, check out The Buttafly Guide to Interpreting Friendster Photos and An Ode to Friendster first. And a more business-like look at the phenomenon by FOTB, Devangshu Datta.

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