Tuesday, 26 October 2004


Blogging has already given the language a few new words. Starting with "blog" itself, and of course, blogger and blogging, going on to hybrid creations like blogosphere, blogroll, moblog, and cyborglog (glog for short).

We obviously have too much time on our hands, so here's some more we thought up. (You venture capitalists can queue up on the right, please.)

Collablog - a term we invented to replace Group Blog (hasn't caught on yet *grin*)
Kleptoblogger - someone who uses your links without attribution
Bloglugluglug - too many blogs, too little time, drowning in blogs
Hobloglin - blog reader who makes mischievous comments
Glob - typo on blog that the blogger attributes to dyslexia, not to too many hours spent staring at the monitor

Got more?


Marginalien said...

Roblog: an automated blogger
Haemoblogin: red blog cells
Bloggart: someone who brags about her blog
Humphrey Bloggart: a blogger named Humphrey who ...
Iceblog: what happens when your 'puter freezes up while you're blogging
Bloggage: the heavy matter contained in blogs
Bloogers: what you find inside your computer's nostrils

Hurree said...

No fair tempting the terminally deadlined. But here's a few:

Bloggadocio: the tendency of some bloggers to pretend they have more hits than the counter shows.(See Magnolia on "Bloggarts")
Blogue: what happens when a blogger uses a different "accent" or linguistic style on the blog from his/her normal life
Blogin: the first sign of blogaddiction; when you log in to your blog before you log on to your email account
Blogic: sign two, whereby you justify spending enormous amounts of time on your blog to the detriment of Real Life
Bloginder: the king of Punjabi bloggers (also see Blogdanovitch, his Russian counterpart)
Mindbloggling: only applied to really good blogs
The Blog Which Project: for the education of non-bloggers
Mental blog: what happens when you're too exhausted to actually write a post

zigzackly said...

Emotional bloggage: the blogger evidently has some issues s/he hasn't dealt with.

Marginalien said...

Nasal Bloggage: What happens when you have a head code
Garblog: A rotten blog
Blogolescence: The age of attaining bloghood
Bloghood: The age at which you learn to blog-in (see above)
Bloghound: One who dogs your blog with boring pap
Zabloglione: Sweet Italian blog
Polyblog: One who visits several blogs simultaneously
Humblog: An insincere blogger
Bloggles: Special glasses that enable bloggers to stare at their screens indefinitely, without risk
Blogophobia: (doesn't need much explaining, does it?)
[the next 15 terms have been erased by the author as they are mindlessly simple variations on medical terms with "blog" spliced onto them)
Blongue: A fair-haired blogger
Blogmange: A bland, insipid blog dressed up as a dessert
Blodgeon: To attack with vicious blogs

anshu said...

You guys are good.