Saturday, 21 May 2005

In which we are paid to point people to websites

Which also explains why this blog hasn't been updated as frequently as it should be

The Bombay edition of the TOI has gone through a much-needed and very welcome makeover in the last few months. A decent city section, with some of the old columns like Snapshot and In Search of... revived in slightly tweaked avataars on Page 5, and a bunch of new ones thrown in, a gen-oo-wine Books page on Sundays, and more recently, a International supplement.

And among those page 5 columns, every Friday you'll see one with our byline. It's called Mousetrap (lovely name, and sadly, one I can't take credit for - Nina Martyris done thunk it up), and it covers five sites a week. The pattern I have set so far is one blog, one India-related site, and three random wacky, unusual, or just plain useful sites. Since the TOI hasn't seen fit to archive the column on their site, we'll have to point you to first three editions of the column on our own press archive. Comments criticism and suggestions are welcome, either on-site or via email.

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