Sunday, 21 August 2005

O tempora, o advertising

We spent ten years in the funny farms, and then we dropped out. Rahul of Green Channel puts in words something we haven't been able to. Why, one day, you wake up and realise it's a different business from the one you started in, all those years ago, starry-eyed and ambitious.
Advertising used to be fun. It was like a race to prove who was more imaginative, who had more brilliance, who'd be accepting a trophy at the awards functions during spring season. It was about provoking laughs and holding 50 million people's attention at the same time with your imagination playing out on screen. At the end of it they would all finally exhale or collapse in mirth after the killer punchline. And they'd never get tired of it. Years later people would recall the commercial and tell you how great it still was when they met you
Go read the whole thing.

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