Friday, 2 September 2005

KatrinaHelp update

The KatrinaHelp group has also set up a blog:, which has stepped into the breach when the wiki crashed because of the huge amount of traffic (over a million visitors in a few hours). Hopefully, Google (who helped enormously during the tsunamihelp days by linking to us and providing unlimited bandwidth) will ensure that the blog doesn't crash too.

The wiki is also mirrored at, so go there if the main page doesn't load.

The group is also in need of some financial help to keep the wiki up and running. Go here for details, but in short, they need US$ 5000.
To save you scroll time, here's my earlier post on the subject.
And is the URL for a wiki started by some members of the SEA-EAT team.

The group has also put together a page that aggregates several blog feeds, and a set of links to individual blogs.

Please email Rob, Rudi, Constantin, Angelo, Bala, Nancy and the others at or to volunteer to help with the wiki and news aggregation.

They are also on Google Talk, so you could add to your buddy list. And they are running a wiki conference room on yahoo; to join the discussions live, please send your yahoo id to


The Wizard of Odd said...

post on me page today, link to news article-- related, and shorter than usual. Ahem.


arzan said...

You need to hear the New Orleans mayor on radio to realize what bullshit is going on in American Politics and how much of this tragedy is man made too.