Sunday, 5 November 2006

Braille-enabled visiting cards

Reader Poonam points us to this Outlook story about a friend of hers, Nidhi Kaila, and the organisation Nidhi has started, called Esha.

Esha works with blind kids, helping them earn money with innovative little schemes, like the one Poonam wrote in about.

Which is simple. You pay a rupee a card to get your visiting cards Braille-embossed. So, your cards can then be read by people who read Braille. And you help visually-impaired people get a little more financial independence.

Esha can't afford to spend money to publicise this, so we'd like you to help pass the word. You can reach Nidhi and Esha at Esha_braille AT yahoo DOT com. They work out of Delhi [update]Esha was founded in Delhi but now works out of Bombay, and the cards are embossed in Bangalore[/update]. Mail (or leave a comment with an email address) if you'd like the phone number as well.

And the Braille letters at the top are taken from the Braille Converter at Humanware, and merely repeat the title of this post.

Update: Jace gets his cards Braille enabled.

Update 2: Esha and Nidhi appeared in Mumbai Mirror on Saturday, 11th November 06.

Anyone else?

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