Tuesday, 26 December 2006

Sihuañu’u Ejaërepa aide’ose’ere

It’s Christmas, so it’s mandatory
To send out greetings old and hoary.
So before them church bells stop chiming
I shall attempt some cheery rhyming.
(Sure, free verse could do as well;
But we are, um, well, traditional
In some matters. Though we retain the
Right to go back on that position.)

As per Petrarch, we start the sextet
With a volta.But he’d be vexed at
Our scorning a-b-b-a rhyme so
We defect to Shakespeare! Ho ho ho!

Which leaves us just enough time to say
Merry Christmas! (Darn, shoulda sent this yesterday.)


1 comment:

Marginalien said...

All right, I break down and confess I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE TITLE OF THIS POST MEANS! Yup. I feel certain you wanted at least one of the noble visitors to your gracious site to notice that your title has gone multicultural, but apparently all the rest of your visitors are so hip they immediately recognized it for what it is and felt no need to ask.

Never mind that here at Comments Central, the title looks like this: "Sihuañu’u Ejaërepa aide’ose’ere" -- I STILL don't know which langwidge it's in or what it means in that language. But here are my guesses: (1) Silent Night, in !kung
(2) Merry Christmas in Klingon
(3) Stuff Yourself With Chicken Tikka in Klingon
(4) Merry Christmas in Arabic.
(5) Season's Greetings in Tagalog with a frisson of Swahili (and of course Klingon)