Monday 2 April 2007

Shakti Bhatt

Shocked and deeply saddened to hear about Shakti Bhatt's passing away. I can't claim to have known her well; but I know many people who knew her, and had heard of her often, all nice things.

I met her just once, at the Kitab Festival in February, where I got to thank her for releasing our book at the Jaipur Literature Festival in January, and for a workshop she, Jeet Thayil, her husband, and Nilanjana, conducted for Caferati Delhi. At Kitab, we shared a light at the Prithvi Cafe, and talked of this and that, and the impression I filed away was of a hugely intelligent, vibrant, cheeerful person. Later, at the dinner, I joined her, Jeet, and a couple of other friends and chatted a bit. I have been an admirer of Jeet's writing from the days that he was a columnist for a Bombay paper, so it was a pleasure to meet him; Shakti said charming, encouraging things about the stuff we—Caferati—were doing. Meeting them was pretty much the best thing about Kitab for me, and I was looking forward to strengthening the acquaintance when I next visited Delhi..

My thoughts are with Jeet, and the family.

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Update: You can leave your memories of Shakti here, and read remembrances by others here.

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thought said...

this news comes as a shock to me and i havent been in touch with her for years now and lose her so soon was not at all expected.
i hope she finds peace whereever she is and hope god gives her family and loved ones peace and strength to deal with this unfair occurence.
i knew her when she was in school a good friend and human being .
we shared a few real good moments as real good friends and thus she remains in our hearts the same way today and forever