Friday, 18 May 2007

Ishmael, please*

I’m floating on my back, in a blood warm-sea. Land is a thin smudge on the horizon. There’s not a sound to be heard except the stray seagull, and the watery patpatpat of the swell against my body. A voice yells my name. I raise an ear out of the water; Kedar, leaning over the rail of the Rosa, is demanding that I turn over and swim for the camera. Damn. Duty must be done. I flip over, and execute a few energetic freestyle strokes.
That's the first paragraph in a piece we wrote for Outlook Traveller's May edition. It will appear is now on Your cheque.. in due course.

Pictures by Kedar Bhat, who was the pro photographer on the trip, with his fancy-shmancy camera.

*Coffee's on us if you sniggered at the title within 5 seconds.

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