Thursday, 7 June 2007

Young peope today, *mutter mutter* no respect, *mutter mutter* going off and having fun doing wild things *gah*

Akshay Mahajan, who we already hate intensely because he takes much better photographs than we do, has now gone and upped the ante by enlisting for the Rickshaw Run. There's a lot more at the Rickshaw Run link, and at his blog, but the gist is this: he, with two young ladies (damn his eyes) will spend two weeks driving from Calcutta to Manali (swine). In the rains (kutha). In an autofrigginrickshaw (words fail us. etcetera).

Seeing as this is an expensive operation involving the purchase of autorickshaw, one numbers (which will be donated to a needy cause post the Run, Akshay tells us), plus pledging of some money to a charity, plus personal expenses on the trip, he and his friends need some a lot of help. You can go find out more by reading his post, and then whacking his Paypal button as hard as you can. And while you're there, tell him we can't stand him. We're green. We hate him. We loathe him. *dissolves in deluge of self-pity and envy*

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