Wednesday, 13 February 2008

As the travelling Bishop said when he got back home..

..long time no See.

How're y'all doing?

[pause for response]

[pause extends]

[this is getting embarrassing]

Erm. Anyone out there? Hellooo?


Qaro said...

Oh! Funny! : )

Abhinav said...

Aye, aye, a very very long time. :-)

And just one thing: Comment moderation is on. We regret the inconvenience. It was that or the Word Recognition, which we find irritating when commenting elsewhere. This way, we do a little more work, but your comment experience is smooth. Your comment is important to us. Please stay on the line. Do comment with us again. I actually end up reading that every time I comment here. And it takes up more of my time than typing out a few characters to confirm that I'm not a spambot. Lolzz...

Marginalien said...

... and of course, the reason there's so little activity here iiiiiis ... COZ ALL OF YOUR BLOGGING FRIENDS WERE OVER AT KGAF FRETTING OVER THEIR VARIOUS PANELS!!!

Anyway. Am baq now and feeling glad and sad and exhilarated and dehydrated -- it was GOOD to be in Bombay and I'm sure I'm not the only visitor to yr blog to wonder what I can do to tell ya that I'm feeling like a garden full of daisies with thanx to you and KGAC for inviting me.

There. I've said it now! Big hugz.