Thursday, 17 April 2008

Bisy Backsun

We'll be at Manipal this weekend, a guest of the Manipal Institute of Communications, basking in the reflected glow from a bunch of luminaries. We're not exactly sure what we're speaking about, but we will, hopefully, find out before the convention.


Banno said...

Biback sun.

Sameer said...


The Convention is over I guess. I was one of the delegates the guy who presented on "Why Bloggers Quit Blogging"...Thanks for interrogating. I would have felt really bad if anyone hadn't.

Among the luminaries, I got what you, chandrahaas and nishant had to say...Rest of the time, I was too lazy to pay attention.

Anyways, My purpose of commenting over here was to tell you that the hat you wore on the second day was awesome...Very Stylish.;-)

Hestia said...

hello peter(finally trying to get rid off the sir)...
i am the girl who interviewed you.. well i didn't know how else to contact you so I decided to comment on your blog.. well, here is the interview..
i hope i 've done justice. temme if u don't like it!
hope you had a good time..
now have fun back home in Bombay and day hello to the city from me..
it was awesome to have you here, good fun and good for the head, nice food for thought we got!
(Hestia is my blogging nickname)
ps: please see my blog when u have the time..