Thursday 8 January 2009

Things that make me go :)

Having people who actually choose to read this space.

(This the first of an occasional series. A sort of counting of blessings. I'm going to try and find something to smile about every day.)


Manjula Padmanabhan said...

Can this be collaborative? I'd like to offer a :)-thing!

Butter melting on hot toast is a powerful smiley-button for me!

Banno said...


How do we know said...

wow! i like that approach.. mayb i shld try it too!

Unknown said...

Yoga does it for me. :). Evryone shd try it once.

Ravages/CC said...

Why, thank you!
This post made me go :) too

griff said...

One of my joys too. But since I'm not doing butter anymore, it's fruit preserve.


Try it. It helps. And I say this even though I haven't followed up on this post for a bit. I do it offline. Honest!

Yes. I've heard good things about yoga. Intend to start soon.

You're welcome. And thank you. :)

Anonymous said...

Landmark opening again? The Kala Ghoda Art Festival? :-)