Friday 13 March 2009

Nostradam R us

We are feeling all seerish today.

So we predict that Google will soon have an attempted Twitter-killer out.

It will run with Gtalk. People already use Gtalk status messages to communicate with friends. Makes sense to piggy-back on that, yes? So, you will be able to separately subscribe to my status messages without seeing my online status or being able to chat with me.

They'll call it G-spot.

Well, okay, maybe not.

But for the rest, remember, you read it here first. And anyone from Google who sees this, we'd like some shares, please. Thank you.


How do we know said...

yes i think that this one will come true/ OR, google will buy twitter. simple!

Aditya Sengupta said...

You can post messages on Twitter already through Google Talk via services like Google Talk uses an open protocol called Jabber. Well, the actual protocal is XMPP really.

In order to create something like Twitter, all Google needs to do is to interface Google Talk with a microblogging platform. They really don't have to go out of their way to create one- they could create their own implementation of, say Laconica.

If I'm not mistaken, people have already interfaced Jabber and Laconica. Now both of these are open technologies. All Google needs to do is to build their own service that runs on top of Laconica- in a way similar to how Google Talk uses Jabber. That is, of course, if they wish to do so.

zigzackly said...

Yes, there's that!

Thanks for the info and the links. If Google does come around with a few shares, we'll cut you in. Promise!

labellagorda said...

Honestly, G-Spot was a better name than Buzz anyday! At least it could have been the saving grace for this pathetic excuse of a Twitter-FB wannabe...

zigzackly said...

@ labellagorda I agree. But then I would, wouldn't I? :)