Sunday, 6 February 2011

The Essential Indian Books survey / the Readership survey

Would much appreciate it if you could post links to these on your blog. I'm trying to get at least a few thousand responses, and a link from you would help big time.

If you prefer to Tweet, you can use and

Click here to go to the surveys.

Essential Indian Books

Informal Readership Survey

Or you can take them on this page, below.

Do please pass the URLs on to friends as well. The more people we get to fill this out the better the results will be.

Many thanks!


Saranya Balasubramanian said...

There's a typo in the message after the questionnaire.
...please also answer this form: (which is an attempt to arrive at a 'popular' Indan canon...

yogi said...

Can you clarify what you mean by Essential Indian books ? Books on India or Books by Indian authors or both ? Or have i missed something ?

zigzackly said...


Yogi, books by Indian authors or about Indian subjects.