Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Rs 0.02

1. I'm anti-corruption.
2. I'm anti-Anna Hazare.
3. Hazare is a sanctimonious right-wing tyrant so cloaked in his own virtue that he believes he is above the law.
4. The law is frequently an ass.
5. Nevertheless, the law is frequently our only hope.
6. Better the elected asses than the dictatorial unelected.
7. The government is playing into Hazare's hands with its idiocy.
8. Yes, these views can be held simultaneously.


MinCat said...


Prashanth said...

Fair enough, I guess.

Banno said...

Very, very valid opinions. What a tamasha! And scary too, that we are setting up precedents to take the law into our hands.

Antilocalparty said...

Boss i have also written. please read and comment also thank you.

zigzackly said...

MinCat, thank you.

Prashanth, thank you for commenting.

Banno, scary indeed!

Antilocalparty, honoured we are by your gracious presence!

Anonymous said...

Spot on!


Dsylexic said...

all points make sense except number 6.the mere ritual of election and voting doesnt legitimize the tyranny of the "elected". i find both the elected and the unelected tyrant equally contemptible.
there is no lesser evil here.
perhaps you are confusing law and legislation .law arises from nature and is found by human action.legislations like the lokpal bill are human whims often and there is nothing inevitable about them