Monday, 19 August 2013

Godawful Poetry Fortnight - High Five - Day 1

So here's your cue for Day 1

Write a poem that uses 'moon,' 'June' and 'spoon; as end-words. Preferably in an aabb rhyme scheme. Bonus points for no meter and uneven line lengths

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Amulya said...

Why is nobody responding to these excellent themes?

Anyway. Here, replete with abrupt line breakup --


I do not mean to lampoon,
our tough-as-silk cocoon,
But life is short, to think up a retort,
Why run Quicktime on Windows? Abort, abort.

The fullness of a moon, too soon,
Spits monsoon, in June,
Black clouds so dense, their linings taut,
My Middle Class Economics with ideas is fraught,

So raindrop after raindrop, I gather in a spoon.
Please, tune the TV, to the Network of Cartoon.