Monday, 9 February 2004

A while ago, we said we'd sign up with all the major Social Networking sites and report back, but we got as far as using Ryze, signing up with Friendster and then got all shamefaced about spamming our entire contact list with Join requests once more. And now we've signed up with Orkut, thanks to the magnanimity of a Ryze contact. The way things are going in our life, we are very tempted to cash in (Orkut memberships are going for US$10 on e-Bay, according to Sean at Flashblogging - that's the link above), but, sigh, if you want one, mail.
We may just get down to writing that analysis if we can get a magazine to pay for it. But meanwhile, check out this, and this follow up. (Link via PatternHunter.)
(-: On the other hand, if you're sick of all this stuff, you may want to consider Introvertster:-)

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