Tuesday, 24 February 2004

With comments and trackbacks, guestmap and zonkboard, email id and skype handle - it lets me have conversations, make connections and network with people whom i share interests with. And engages me in meaningful dialogues. And i grow, as a result.
With Technorati (the new beta version is pretty cool btw) and Blogstreet, Blogshares and Sitemeter - i allow you into and share with you my reader community.
With blogrolls and by building links into posts, i share with you people who's thoughts i enjoy reading.
With newsreaders and aggregators i discover more about others than i would through 'pleasantries' exchanged through my Ryze guestbook and stars or cubes or hearts as Orkut had.
Extracted from My Blog is my Social Software and my Social Network at Conversations with Dina

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