Thursday, 1 April 2004

Reading Two Books at Once? Combine Them. Some of our favourites:
The Dog of Small Things. Top of the dyslexic reading list.
The Secret Diary of Anne Frank, aged 13 3/4
Anne hides in a loft from the Nazis, while sneaking a crafty look at Big and Bouncy.
Mister God this is Anna Karenina.
A wealthy army officer falls in love with this girl. The trouble is, she already has this *special* friendship with God.
Alice in Wonderland Avenue Teen girl follows Lizard King through doors of perception, finds bags labeled Inject Me and Snort Me.
To Sir with Love in the Time of Cholera Two people finally get it on after years of fannying around. Soundtrack features Lulu.
Five Go Mad In A Slaughterhouse Timmy gets what's coming to him, little canine fucker.
Green eggs and Hamlet breakfast's off in the state of Denmark.
(Via Bookslut.)

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