Thursday, 20 May 2004

Tenants: Zigzackly versus Ms Sonia Gandhi

I'll be guest blogging, much to my amazement--what, Zig created this fine site only to hand it over to Hurree Babu, fondly known to his friends as the Demolition Army?--until the one true owner of this blog surfaces. Zigzackly's been offline for ages because he's in the middle of shifting house in Mumbai. It's an onerous task, but he now has a balcony with a view that's perfect. (All he needs is one of these babes and one of these babies, and he's achieved nirvana.) At least Mumbai's landlords are willing to rent a house to him; according to a certain xenophobic politico, true nationalists wouldn't have Mrs Gandhi as a tenant. Sheesh. Grow up, Modi.

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