Tuesday, 26 April 2005

Slowly, they're getting it.

Mainstream Media, that is. BusinessWeek's May edition has blogging as the cover story, and they've even started their own blog on blogs, Blogspotting.net.

And closer to home, still haven't seen the India Today story on bloggers that everyone else is talking about, but we're told that a blogger not unfamilar to you gets a passing mention, which you'll miss in the buzz about our more illustrious pals, and the news that Hurree's been unmasked. Oh well. It was good run, and it was bound to happen, old chap girl.

Update: Amit Varma just mailed in a couple of links. This one's got Henry Copeland's take on BusinessWeek covers in general and that one in particular. And this is The Economist on Murdoch's views on the end of journalism as we know it.


Anonymous said...

Don't know if the current story mentions it, but India Today first covered blogs as a phenomenon some three years ago.
Most of the people who've jumped on the bandwagon lately (hacks, journos, assorted media types) and screaming the most were blissfully unaware back then.

zigzackly said...

Three years. Hm.

*Quickly checking archive dates*
*Quickly doing the math*
*Quickly checking résumé.*

Hack. Journo. Assorted media type. Yup, that's us!