Monday, 21 November 2005


I think it was Jai who called him an erudite chap with one character flaw: he doesn't blog.

Now, thanks to the folk at Wicket to Wicket, one of Cricinfo's blogs, you, gentle reader, can read my good friend Devangshu Datta on a blog, even if it's just this once, and on cricket. Heeeere's DD, guesting on Wicket to Wicket, on How to win the 2007 World Cup.

[Via Amit]


Jabberwock said...

Yayyyyyyyyy!!!! Go, DD!!

√úbermaniam said...

You, on cricket! Wow, the things people will do to become famous ;-) Yay, cricket!

√úbermaniam said...

Unfortunately, the articulate gents conclusions are a bit off. If a squad with Saurav, Zaheer and Nehra possesses...the point is, this squad possesses the kind of heart is is showing because certain people are not there in this squad. Certain people who are less people and more giant egos. A squad with big names, big talent and big egos will not perform as well as a squad with less big names, more spirit and smaller egos. But then, who am I to posit this? Just a fucking ranter.

zigzackly said...

You can post whatever the heck you want; it's a free country. But at least go do it in the right place. There's a link there in the post.