Wednesday, 23 November 2005

Five non-Bloggers

Took another look-see at the Wicket to Wicket debate on the state of Indian cricket, and find that Harsha Bhogle, Sambit Bal, Ashok Malik, Devangshu Datta and Mukul Kesavan have, between them, as of this moment, attracted 327 comments. Look to your laurels, oh bloggers!


spaced_bar said...

The hihg numbers are because they come from prem's blog. you want to see numbers, see And the numbers have much to do with the subject and the fact that it's part of a site devoted to cricket. Nothing to do with blogging or any blogging revolution. It's called advertising. Not the explosion of blogging in India or any such thing.

√úbermaniam said...

I agree. This discussion place you're raving about was a non-starter until comments were enabled and prempanix.blogspot advertised it. Blogging cannot survive without MSM.

zigzackly said...

Spaced and TDU, glad both sides of you agree.

Read the post again. Where do I say that this heralds the blogging revolution or the exlosion of blogging?

And sure, a link from Prem's blog would help. I'm a long-time Prem fan, and have marvelled, right here on this blog, at the kind of reader response he gets on his blog. A lot of that readership, I'm sure, is people like me who knew and respected his byline long before there were blogs.

But - and you say so yourself - he linked to these discussions from his BLOG. Not via MSM. So what's your point?

√úbermaniam said...

My point is prem's blog is not a blog, it's MSM. His blog would be a non-starter but for Do I need to spell out what I'm getting at? His blog is not a blog. Prem's blog is so big because it comes from MSM. Learn how to use MSm, properly, not bang your head against them just because bloggers have nothing better to do. Think. And put me on a media blog if you want to hear some useful contrarian views on what you bloggers keep going on about. Thank you.