Tuesday, 13 December 2005

Being of unsound mind and body...

"What will happen to my blog when I die?"

That's a thought that has crossed our mind. Go read Neha's lovely 'vague piece of "pure" (or impure?) fiction' on the topic.


neha vish said...

Thanks for the plug Peter! :)

david raphael israel said...

this calls to mind something rather different -- a futuristic novel I can recommend: Bruce Sterling's Holy Fire. Among the rather incredible things imagined (the story largely involves radical life-extension technologies, and the emergence of a basically eternal gerontocracy), there's an interesting subplot involving elaborate cyber-empires (a form of intellectual capital at least) lodged on the internet but of course instantiated in hardware somewhere. The question was where? The answer was, in the body of the dearly departed's dog. [pardon for giving away part of the ending -- but not all]. The tale features many other curious strands of an imagined near-future.

cheers, d.i.