Friday, 23 December 2005

Off the map

We are always fascinated by maps (yes, we luhrve Google Earth. And, this evening, when we were researching something for a column – a stray sentence which we wanted to get right – we got distracted for close to an hour with a variety of maps. And to make ourself feel better about how we use our time, we're blogging some of the links.

Ever wondered what was on the exact other side of the world? For us in India, it's somewhere in the Southern Pacific, off Peru. (Another image here, from this page, which has some good stuff about the different projection techniques used to map a sphere on to a flat surface.)

You might also want to point the kiddies to this page, for a look at time zones, the reason for Great Circle airplane routes, and a cool way to use a globe to approximate what time it is in any other part of the world.

And also see this page on the myths about medieval maps.

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Marginalien said...

Hola, Zig! Following your post on maps, I remembered (finally!) to post a message about an atlas given to me by friends, very recently. I think you might enjoy linking to its site! But first you've gotta link to muh blog ... (ya, I'm the mercenary type, I yam)