Thursday, 16 February 2006

:( we didn't, by the way ):

Get this, we mean.


Leela said...

Commiserations :(

Marginalien said...

It's their loss!

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

Not bad. I mean, who knows where you might have had to move.

Now, to pick the gowans clean.
1 - My Bloglines alert shows a new post on your blog. An old 55-er with ellipsis added (a very good 55-er, btw, just the right mix of romance and kinky) but it doesn't show on the blog.

2 - Wtf is it with not showing whole posts? (Sorry for language, much influenced by Ani the Gamesmaster and Arthur Quiller-Couch these days)

3 - You don't come over much these days (said in lugubrious tone, eyes brimming over)


zigzackly said...


No moving was required. An online appointment.

1. It's still there, a bit south of this post. But here's the quick route.

2. Um. Not showing posts? The feed settings are on full posts, so not sure what you mean. Which feed are you subscribed to?

3. Oh, but we do, via Bloglines. We just don't comment much.