Saturday, 4 February 2006

Nine-day wonder

We haven't infested your feedreader/browser for a bit. That's partly because of the contests we mentioned *gawd, it's Feb already?* last month. Mother and Flash Fiction are doing well, thank you, but SMS Poetry is looking kinda sickly.

The other reason we were out of your long and curlies can now be revealed. We were busy midwifing a CollaBlog (there he goes again) that will live, love, procreate, etcetera, for the duration of the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival. There's some cool bloggers aboard, some you'll know, some brand new, Megha's done her usual excellent job with the look, we have droned through the sermon, and said grace, and now it's over to the choir, who will take you on a mad, merry ride for the next nine days.

Brothers and Sisters, for your viewing pleasure, The Kala Ghoda Gazette.

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Marginalien said...

Entirely out of context, but relevant to your noble blog -- the link to Dave Barry's blog is antique. Here is the current link:

-- oh, OF COURSE I could just post that link at MY blog! But that would take away from the fun of visiting yours first, wunnit?