Sunday, 18 February 2007

Bhote phor!

Finally, here's something you can vote for us at. Not the Indibloggies (we were so tied up that we didn't know it was on until it was too late to fire up a proxy thingy and go nominate ourselves for everything under the sun). Not even the Floggies, where we note, with some relief, that we're too obscure to make the grade. But at the Global Voices Valentine's Day Poetry Contest, where we're up with two whole chances at the People's Choice Award.

On the ballot, this one is #20, and this one is #25.

You can stuff the ballot boxes, thereby permanently damaging Georgia's touching faith in the GV readership here.

And, sigh, if you want to get back at me for the verdicts here, you can go read all the other entries here.

Update (27th Feb): We didn't win. But we won the Neha award. And since she won, we can preen a bit. Neha also points to the results. Where, as she says, Nicholas Laughlin "spent time reading every poem, and has found something to love about each of them."

Random thought. Neha, why don't you start your own awards? We could call them the NVs. *grin*


Georgia Popplewell/Caribbean Free Radio said...

Alas, Zig. I'm touched by your faith in my own touching faith in the GV readership, but as you may have noticed, I've changed the voting system to one that's slightly less susceptible to ballot box-stuffing and other forms of fraud. Here's the new link.

Geeks, the criminally minded and diehard Zig fans will know how to get around it, of course, but there's nothing you can ever do about such types anyway.

John said...

Hi Peter,

Who is in hospital? Anyone in the family? I know hospital duty can be tough, I was living in one for two months each, two times in past three years.

I find that google has downgraded your page rank from 6/10 to 1/10. Don't worry you can catch up.


neha vish said...

*sideways, eyebrow raising look*

NVs - I like. Envy was one of my names in school. Probably better than being called "Murgi". (A Hen - as Neha spells when reversed.)

Marginalien said...

... surely that should be "Igrum" to match "Neha"? Just quibbling.