Wednesday 14 February 2007

We lost count of the ways

One more for the GV VDC. Deeeyam. It's fun to take part in a contest for a change.

Global Voices, Global Voices,
You who gives us so many choices,
We thought you wouldn't be averse
To being the subject of a verse.

So here we are, with our doggerel
(It's past deadline here, but wotthehell,
Time zones work in our favour!
How's that for Regional Flavour?)

So Global, Global, Voices, Voices,
At your presence we rejoices.
So many voices you give us globally,
We read until our eyes go wobbly.

We wonders Gee Vee, really we do,
Would we win if we suck up to you?
At the least, would we get loads more traffic
Aside from the ones in search of the pronographic?

Oh Voices, Voices, Global, Global,
we love your mission, it's so noble.
Unconditionally we would give you our heart, but
Last year, this time, you kicked our butt.

1 comment:

Revealed said...

Hehe. Loved both ur entries :). (for some reason everytime I comment on your blog I say something inane like this! *shakes head in disbelief at her own inanity*)