Thursday 19 July 2007

How to phish - 2

Offer helpful advice.

This post gets us the most Google love on a consistent basis. From the traffic logs, there are apparently many people who either want to learn how to hack a yahoo password, or want to know how to get back a hacked password. Every now and then, a comment pops up for moderation. This one appeared a week or so ago.
Heres away to hack a yahoo acount step by step

You must have a Yahoo! email account. If you do not have, create the one at

Once created, Login using your account.


I assume you have logged in. Now, click on "Compose" on the left hand frame.

In To: , type

This is the email account to which Yahoo! sends email when you request for lost password.

In the subject, type:


In the body, type :

[ type EXACTLY AS IT IS , better copy-paste it]
We're breaking this up into two lines to preserve the column width
instructions continue, undedited.

Replace 'VICTIM_USERNAME' with the username of the person whose account you want to hack. Replace 'YOUR_USERNAME' with the username from which you logged on and 'YOUR_PASSWORD' with your account password from which you logged on. This is needed by Yahoo! for the account authentication and it assumes that this is the details of Yahoo Staff.


Click Send.
You will get the password within 2 min to 2 hrs, depending on the load on the server. (I got it on next day! BUT AT LEAST I GOT IT !!!)
This is a fully tested method. But please, do not expect any support. I can just tell you that IT SHOULD WORK...
This truly ingenious. You set up a Yahoo account ( natch; or something similar), write out some seemingly well-intentioned advice, and wait for the mugs who want to hack into some chica's account to come along and do the hard work of setting up new yahoo accounts and then send you the user name and password to add to your set of anonymous spamming accounts. Even better, of course, if said mugs were to use their existing accounts to do this. You get a free set of the mug's friends' addresses!


Anonymous said...

u gotta be crazy if u'll fall into this,
its definitely not the way to hack others passwords! and besides u need the password of the person and not ur own password. It's a trap! ur account will be hacked instead..

Anonymous said...

yes its a trap. its not the correct email. is a well build created email in someone else account. this will eventually forward your usename and password to this account. thank you.
ethical hacker007

Anonymous said...

yone falls in for this he is a real asshole
he just wants your account info