Friday, 20 July 2007

Travel photography contest

OK Tata Byebye is hosting a travel photography contest.
Details here.

Caveat: you need to register on the site to participate.

Disclosure: For reasons best known to them (wethinks they think we are a Popular Blogger. heh), we have been asked to help judge the contest (and in a swollen-headed moment, we consented), and the organisers asked us to help spread the word.

See ya. Erm. Sorry. Oktatabyebye.


Twilight Fairy said...

dont you think the "final stage" where the judges come in, should have been the first one? :p.

Even contests like Indian idol have at least a basic shortlisting done by judges..and it's not a free for all right from day one! :)

This format makes it evident that it's meant to get hits from visitors.. and not "judge" a photography contest according to creativity. Just my two cents.

zigzackly said...


Good point. That did strike me. And I'll confess I didn't probe too deeply on the contest's modus operandi.
I think, though, that it makes some kind of sense to let the "experts" do a final selection after the crowd has spoken. As a sometime watcher of American Idol this year, I thought the best singer didn't win in the end. (I'm no great judge of musical ability, I hasten to add.)
Also, if it had meant I had to slog through thousands of entries at the initial stages, I would have demanded Idol-level appearance fees instead of doing a freebie. :)


How do we know said...

Nice idea though! best part, if any of us is participating,we can at least count on one of the judges! (ok, that's a joke).

Dreaming Tree said...

Dear Peter,

From what i saw on the contest i only get to realise the whole objective of this is to promote the company and get images for free for comm ercial use and all...and as a professional i am totally aggreviated by the promotion being held on this and the way people are responding...if one sees the fine line in terms and condition one will notice

» All submitted entries will have joint copy rights of submitter and

» will retain commercial rights for the submitted entries

WOW thats too much ...isnt it....i hope you will raise this point with the organisers for this does show the aim of this contest is totally somethign else...

Best Regards

Siddharth Jain

Aditya said...

Can you pass on the contact no.s for Parth(oktatabyebye)