Thursday, 26 June 2008


Let's say you crack a really bad PJ. Your listener / reader goes 'argh.' Which is what you were aiming for. It was good for you, no? Because you just had an arghasm.

P.S. And when you have multiple interlocutors?* You then have multiple arghasms.

* Like on this blog.**

** Theoretically.


sonia said...

Wait. What's a PJ? Two words standing in my way to the Comprehension of this Post :)

zigzackly said...

Oh well. PJ = Poor Joke. Something that suckers the listener, that makes him/her want to clout the teller. In a nice way.

A said...

LMAO!!! :)

Ajeya said...

LOL! I've had many a "arghasmic" experience! :)

Qaro said...



Amey said...

Arghasm: For successful operation, another person is a must, unlike the better known cousin ;)