Sunday, 31 August 2008

Godawful Poetry Fortnight - 13

Good poetry, I say, is never hard,
Oh so easy, just look at me!
Dante did struggle, as did the Bard
And other writers of poetry,
When compared to good ol' me,
Faded hacks trail by many a yard.
(Ulysses wishes that I had been free —
Look what he got with that Tennyson laird.)

So come, gather round, kick off your shoes!
On our pedestal come rest your weary heads.
Now watch as we perform, we do party tricks!
No sweat, we could do this without getting out of bed.
Even two-in-one deals, you can't lose!
(This poem is also an acrostic.)


Arnold said...

Shouldn't the second- and third-last lines be interchanged for it to be 'acrostically' correct?

zigzackly said...


You're right. It was okay initially, and then I edited to take care of a missing rhyme - and forgot about the acrostic. I did debate (after your comment, I admit) whether to claim that getting the letters wrong was deliberate, to add to the godawfullness, but I decided to correct it. Now the rhyme sequence is off, and that is godawful enough, I guess. :)

Thanks for the heads-up!

Arnold said...

Anytime! I was actually wondering the same thing myself and debating whether to point it out or not. I could almost see the "that's intentional, you idiot!" answer coming.

1conoclast said...

You want godawful poetry...?

It can't get worse than this!

neha said...

Hey there. It's been ages. I see Wanderlust is still on your blog roll.
Dead wood.

It was hacked into and attacked by aliens who speak God-knows-what language, so I have moved to Epiphanies at

Come on over. I love the GPF, btw.

Qaro said...

PSSTT! Hey! Got anymore of that Godawful Poetry?

Anonymous said...

We could do with more such awful poetry..(lol). You write really really well...