Sunday, 14 November 2004

But Dr Desai, we already have Page Three people

P.B. Desai, former director of the Tata Medical Center, proposes that we breed headless humans that can be used as a source for organs. and other forms of commercial exploitation. "Science is moving at such a fast pace that scientists have proven that they can create headless mice through removal of genes in embryo that control development of the head," said Desai "But the body would have the capacity to keep the organs functional for use as transplants."


anshu said...

I am completely in favor of stem cells, but cannot digest this idea of "headless humans." There is a huge difference between an embryo and a fully developed human, even if one without a "thinking mind." Somehow this reminds me of "The Matrix."

I didn't get the reference to the Page three people?

zigzackly said...

Well, the Times of India has these city specific supplements, named after each city - in Bombay, it's Bombay Times.

What started out as a normal supplement evolved (?!) into a celeb-centric publication, and Page Three features the famous-in-their-own-party kind of people. BTP3 has become a bit of a synonym for the rich, famous for being famous type of people.

And by the way, BT has, ahem, innovated a bit too. You can buy editorial coverage over the counter. There's a rate card and all.

Am hoping to entice my pal Sunil Shibad to comment on this one. That should be interesting.

Anonymous said...

Headless humans, as Zig points out, are nothing new.
I have a detachable one myself like that fellow on Elm Street. Meanwhile, I'm still waiting for a glowing dog.

Years ago I wrote a brilliant diatribe that went sadly unnoticed, so I'm going to quote myself again:

One must feel strongly for people who call themselves Mickey the Fish and post their innermost desires on Internet message boards. Desires that expose the fundamental design flaws in us as human beings — "One of my profoundest regrets about being human is that I am not equipped with a splendid and useful tail, like many other members of the animal kingdom."

You know Mickey is on to something here the moment you imagine squirrels and the amount of fun they seem to have with their tails. Besides, if he had a tail and someone told Mickey to go fuck himself, it would not be a metaphor anymore.

anshu said...

I went on to read more about what Zig mentioned and look what I found; someone's being his same witty self -
Me too, me too!
They are selling editorial space? This is great news. I hereby offer my services to The Times of India as a columnist. I am, of course, assuming that since they are selling that space, that they will pay their writers more. Share and enjoy (wink, wink)!