Sunday, 28 November 2004

Dilemma for the day

We just read on Ananova that coffee can cure baldness.
But wait. Apparently you have to smear it on your scalp. Adolf Klenk of Kurt Wolff cosmetic research said "One would have to drink between 60 and 80 cups of coffee a day for the necessary amount of caffeine to reach the roots."
Oh well. Better to go around reeking of beer and saying its conditioner?
And there's this. "Men who are frightened that they may lose their hair should start treating their scalps with caffeine while they are still young."
So that leaves us out. We'll just continue swilling the stuff down our throats. Which you ask? The beer now. The coffee, lots, strong, tomorrow.


Boomsa said...

yes, the beer now. good choice. oh, but wait. it's not very likely that baldness will affect me. sorry. discount my opinion.

zigzackly said...

So you come here to, erm, rub it in, then? :)

Boomsa said...

heh. if you've been to where i write, you'll probably know that it's more a case of, "so i'm fat. how's your hair weaving going?"

but, erm, (mmmphhhh), no.