Saturday, 6 November 2004

Hopefully the world has four more years

A friend [thanks Rajesh] pointed us to this blog, by Comedian Adam Felber. And after turning a colour similar to the right panel on the page at the sheer number of comments he gets, we decided to share it with you. Particularly his Concession speech [an extract: "I concede that I misjudged the power of hate. That's pretty powerful stuff, and I didn't see it. So let me take a moment to congratulate the President's strategists: Putting the gay marriage amendments on the ballot in various swing states like Ohio... well, that was just genius. Genius. It got people, a certain kind of people, to the polls. The unprecedented number of folks who showed up and cited "moral values" as their biggest issue, those people changed history. The folks who consider same sex marriage a more important issue than war, or terrorism, or the economy.."] and his invitation to join the "Predict Headlines From Bush's 2nd Term Game." [BUSH TO RUN FOR 3RD TERM, SLAMS DEMOCRAT JESUS His Second Coming seemed promising at first, but today the Bush campaign lashed out at Mr. Christ, branding him as "out of touch with mainstream Christian values." Polls show an increasing number of voters feel that Christ is soft on defense, and it seems that the ads from "Last Supper Diners for Truth" has done some real damage...]

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