Tuesday, 1 February 2005

And you will see the light

Now here's some sneaky missionaries preying on clumsy typists. The folk at the Mega site of Bible studies and information use the URL http://www.blogpot.com/. So if you're typing out a blogspot blog URL, and you miss a letter, you land up on their page. Go ahead. Go see the gospel according to St Hurree, St MarginAlien, St Samit, St Jabberwock, or even the Acts of Caferati. Hallelujah.

[Thanks Les]


Jabberwock said...

Cool. Feels odd to be an evangelist, even a typographically challenged one.

MacBigot said...

I'm going after this guy who is responsible for BlogPot.com / BlogPSot.com -- for messing with people who are trying to locate Blogger users but get results to the wrong domain in Google searches. Chronicles at http://macbigot.blogspot.com/2005/09/cease-and-desist-war-on-blogpotcom.html .