Monday, 14 February 2005

For the lovelorn

We thought we knew all the journos in Bombay that actually read (Hi Nina! Hey there, Naresh! Jerry? Amy? Meenakshi? Naah, they don't slum it in Blogsville), so we were pleasantly surprised to see this in Mid-Day, of all places. Words that heal, by Alpana Lath Sawai, takes lonely hearts letters and gets great literature to play Agony Aunt. Some excerpts:
There’s a girl I see at the bus stop every day – I love her a lot. I have even started going to college earlier than my timings because that’s the only way to see her. I don’t know where she lives. I cannot think of anything else.
Every night I go to bed in a hurry because I know that when I wake up, I will see her soon. I used to hate mornings, but now each day is filled with the anticipation. She never looks at me but I am sure she will love me too. I have lost interest in everything else, nothing matters except that she should love me.

Jo in Little Women by Louisa May Alcott
"Go and eat your dinner; you’ll feel better after it. Men always croak when they’re hungry."

My colleague, his name is Karan, has been asking me out. I said no the first few times because I didn’t want to get mixed up in these things. But he keeps saying we should just go out for a casual coffee.
But I don’t drink coffee and I don’t want to start socialising with people from work outside office hours because you end up talking about work everywhere. However, he’s quite sweet, and he seems very gentle. I sensed that he was interested in me a while ago, but he only asked me out recently… What should I do?

Miss Steele in Sense & Sensibility by Jane Austen:
"…perhaps you young ladies may not care about the beaux, and had as lief be without them as with them. For my part, I think they are vastly agreeable, provided they dress smart and behave civil. But I can’t bear them dirty and nasty"
Way to go, Ms Sawai. (A word in your ear, though, m'dear. It's "advises" not "advices.")

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your kind words... I reached for the paper on Sunday morning, saw `advices' in 12 points bold, and thought to myself, now that looks wrong. Well at least I'm never going to get it wrong again. Costly lesson.