Monday, 14 February 2005

In Delhi, it is spring, and raining blogs.

And since we're on the subject of literate journos, time to send felicitations to our pals in Delhi, them precocious young brats, Samit Basu and Jaiarjun Singh, who are both on their way to becoming big wheels on the media machine. Senor Basu will start a new column, and Singh, Esq, is now Da Man at Business Standard, the bloke who decides if your book gets reviewed or not.

And buddy Nilanjana S Roy has finally bowed to pressure from the blogsphere and begun archiving her columns. Yay.

And Annie Zaidi still hasn't found the time to guestblog here, because, besides turning out reams of lovely poetry, she's also been writing up a storm at Known Turf.


samit said...

thank ye, thank ye. how old will i have to be before i stop being called precocious? everyone is younger than me nowadays anyway.
hm, and i still need money, so you will have to find me things to do w hen i come to bombay. which is on the 5th.

anshu said...

Hey, thanks for introducing us to Annie Zaidi's blog. I really enjoy her writings and poems (the one's we do have access to :) )