Thursday, 31 March 2005

All you'res

Just came across Paul Brians's page of Common Errors in English. Great stuff even if it's an American behind the page. *grin* The irritating bit is having to go from the list page to pages that contain all of one line then come back again. Or right click and close pages. Methinks he's trying to pump up his sitemeter. Thanks be to Time Berners-Lee, his page of non-errors is easier to use.. One must however, tell you that Brians does not like people linking to either page directly. He prefers that you go here first. [Sorry, just discovered a page that contains the whole site in ascii text. But we won't delete our rant. So there.]

Oh yes, do also see Patrick Nethercot's page on The Dreaded Apostrophe. Or visit the Apostrophe Protection Society. Bookmark either to send to the idiot's in you're life who alway's misuse apostrophe's.

Now all we want is a page that is scathing about people who set our teeth on edge by using "you'll" when they mean "y'all." Suggestions? Write it ourself you say? Damne, this is a blog, fercryinoutloud. We don't do original writing.

P.S. What are the common errors in English usage that piss you off most?

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