Saturday, 5 March 2005

Ladies and Gentlemen...

Annie has a great post up today, on International Women's Day
There's nothing more galling than the realization that I am part of a group that needs this day of celebration. This leg-up. This day on which you will be honoured. It is a constant reminder of the fact that I'm not quite equal, not yet.
That's a view i've held for ages. It seems somehow condescending, patronising, even demeaning to imply that women need a boost of this nature. But then again, it is a fact that women get a raw deal in this world of ours. But then, to contradict myself, i can't stop myself opening doors for women, offering them seats in a bus (only when it's a crowded bus, i have to admit), dropping them home late in the night and stuff like that. Now i also just as willingly do the same for the elderly, people carrying babies, or anyone i'm walking through a door with.

What does this say about me? Am i being patronising too? Do tell.

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Leela said...

Good question, and if it helps, I've done all of that myself, including dropping girls home at night. It's plain courtesy, I would think.