Thursday, 31 March 2005

And her new phone number is 40-24-32

From Mainichi Daily News:
Hideto Tomabechi -- who first made headlines in Japan almost a decade ago after he cured brainwashed members of the AUM Shinrikyo doomsday cult that unleashed deadly sarin gas on the Tokyo subway system -- claims to have developed a tune for ring tones that promises to increase the breast measurements of those who listen to it.

And Tomabechi's brainchild for better busts has boomed, with chest challenged chicks swarming to transfer data to their own phones.

'I listened to the tune for a week expecting all the time that I was being duped,' says Chieri Nakayama, a 19-year-old pin-up model, tells Shukan Gendai. 'But, incredibly, my 87-centimeter bust grew to 89 centimeters! It was awesome!'
Since we don't want to, erm, change our shirt size, we're waiting for Tomabechi's next ring tone.
...he's already got plans on the drawing board for ring tones aimed at improving memory, increasing attractiveness for the opposite sex, making hair sprout and quitting cigarettes.
We still can't make up our mind which one we'll download first.

[Via the newest addition to our blogroll, Improbable Research, the blog run by the people behind the Ig Nobel prizes.]

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